Tour #1

Swiss Symphony Reloaded

20–27 October 2019

Swiss Orchestra
Lena-Lisa Wüstendöfer, conductor
Oliver Schnyder, piano

20.10.2019, Zurich, Tonhalle Maag
21.10.2019, Berne, Casino Berne
24.10.2019, St. Gallen, Tonhalle
27.10.2019, Geneva, Victoria Hall

The concert on 20 October 2019 was recorded by Radio SRF 2 Kultur.

Concert Programme

Jean Baptiste Edouard Dupuy (1770 Corcelles – 1822)
Ouverture of the Opera «Youth and Folly»

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)
Piano Concerto No. 4, op. 58

Hans Huber (1852 Eppenberg-Wöschnau – 1921 Locarno)
Serenade No. 2 «Winter Nights»

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
Serenade G-Dur, KV 525 «Eine kleine Nachtmusik»

The first season will be kicked off with the Ouverture of the opera Youth and Folly by the Neuchâtel-born composer Jean Baptiste Edouard Dupuy (*ca 1770 in Corcelles, †1882 in Stockholm). Dupuy spent his youth in Geneva, went to Paris to study violin and piano and afterwards made his name as a violinist, opera singer, conductor and composer, first and foremost at the royal courts of Denmark and Sweden. But Dupuy was not only famous for his compositions, but also infamous for his larger than life personality. He was nicknamed the «Don Juan of the north», had an affair with the bride of the crown prince of Denmark and was subsequently made to leave the country.

His opera «Youth and Folly» was premiered in Stockholm in 1806. It marked a great success for him, both as a singer and as a composer. One of Dupuys achievements, besides his own compositions, was his role in making the works of W.A. Mozart known in Schweden. He was the first person to stage operas of Mozart there. Fittingly, Mozart’s Requiem was played at his funeral – marking the first time, this piece was played in Sweden.