The rich diversity of Swiss symphonic music from the late 18th to the early 20th century is hardly known to concertgoers today. Swiss classics and romantics lead a shadowy existence. This is precisely where the Swiss Orchestra, founded in 2018, comes in: it has set itself the goal of bringing forgotten Swiss symphonic works back to life on concert stages throughout Switzerland.

This dynamic young ensemble of first-class instrumentalists is touring Switzerland together with some renowned soloists. Under the baton of Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer, they combine superb quality with rousing esprit.

Their concerts not only include highlights of the classical repertoire, but also trouvailles of Swiss musical history. Works by Swiss composers who were highly acclaimed in the classical and romantic periods are now undergoing their well-deserved revival to delight audiences with a treasure trove of outstanding Swiss music.

As a pioneer of Swiss symphonic music, the Swiss Orchestra continues to develop proven concert traditions in combination with innovative programmes. During the concert their conductor comments each work and reveals exciting background details so that listeners can immerse themselves in the composer’s world.

The Swiss Orchestra sees itself as an orchestra for the whole of Switzerland. With its Swiss-wide presence and programmatic focus on Swiss symphonic music, the Swiss Orchestra occupies a unique position within the orchestral landscape.