Hardly any concertgoer today is aware of the rich variety of Swiss music from the classical and romantic periods. The works of once distinguished composers have unjustly fallen into oblivion: among them, for example, Hans Huber (1852-1921), who is sometimes referred to as “the most important Swiss composer of the 19th century”. Even the works of Friedrich Hegar (1841-1927), a composer colleague of Johannes Brahms and first conductor of the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, or his successor Volkmar Andreae, who was also a popular composer during his lifetime, are rarely performed any more. The list could be extended considerably with names such as Edouard Dupuy, Fritz Brun, Hermann Suter, Ernest Bloch, Johann Carl Eschmann and Pierre Maurice.

This is where the Swiss Orchestra Society comes in: As sponsor of the Swiss Orchestra, the Swiss Orchestra Society is committed to a re-evaluation of Swiss symphonic music and makes it accessible to a wide audience.


As a supporter or patron of the arts you play a major role!

We pioneer the revival of unknown or forgotten Swiss symphonic works. With your support, the general public will be able to experience the trouvailles of Switzerland's richly varied musical history.
You enable the Swiss Orchestra to build bridges across language regions. Our concert programmes in different regions present works from all over Switzerland to foster understanding and a sense of identity.
The discovery of unknown or forgotten Swiss symphonic works is still in its infancy. You accompany the Swiss Orchestra as from 2019 on an exciting long-term voyage of discovery. Several concert tours per year in Switzerland and, in the future, ambassadorial appearances abroad are planned.
You enable innovative concerts by a dynamic ensemble of the younger generation, thus inspiring young and old to enjoy classical music. Unknown or forgotten Swiss works are commented during each concert to immerse the audience directly in the fascinating history and world of each composition. In this way, you also give the future generation of concertgoers access to exceptional music.

Membership as a supporter

Your advantages
– Concert invitations of your choice
– Exclusive rehearsal attendance invitations
– Mention in the programme booklets (if desired)
– Possibility of placing advertisements in the programme booklets at preferential conditions
– Preview of programme planning for future seasons
– Opportunity to meet and greet conductors and musicians

CHF 400/Year
Including 2 concert invitations
CHF 750/Year
Including 4 concert invitations
CHF 1000/Year
Including 6 concert invitations
Couple plus children up to max. 16 years old
CHF 2000/Year
Including 6 free tickets


As a patron, you not only uphold Swiss Orchestra but also enjoy extra benefits.

Your advantages
In addition to the advantages of a sponsoring membership,
– You can make block reservations
– You receive our evening concert programme booklets
– Plus offers tailored to your needs (e.g. cultural programme at the concert venues, insights into orchestral work or conducting, exchange with artistic directors and management)

from CHF 5000/Year
Including 8 concert invitations

The Swiss Orchestra Society is domiciled in Basel. Membership fees are tax-deductible in accordance with cantonal tax laws.

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Swiss Orchestra Gesellschaft, Elisabethenstrasse 15, 4051 Basel

We will be happy to send you a payment slip on request.
Please contact us by e-mail for this purpose.

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Thomas Nordmann (Chairman), Michael Hug, Michele D. Borsotti